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From HtDP to Racket. Racket (4): provide, contracts

The next step involves a substantial transformation and the first touch on a prominent Racket feature: contracts.

When you create code that may be used as a library by other client code, you probably don't want to make public everything there. It is more likely that only certain parts are written for client use while the rest is only for the implementation. In order to specify the functions, predicates or whatever you want to export for public use, you have to add an initial section with provide that states and documents from the very beginning the public interface.

Furthermore, you surely wish to clearly manifest what your exported functions expect as input and what they guarantee as the type of the output. Signatures are for that, but signatures don't receive actual checking of any kind. Contracts are precisely what you wish for. So in code that you write for others include contracts about everything you are going to export.

Besides, you may wish to use contracts locally in all functions, including the private ones. In such a case you can use define/contract.

In the code below the first part is now the provide section with contracts for all exported functions. The rest of the functions are now defined with define/contract just for more practicing on function contracts.

Finally, since predicates and contracts are sufficient documentation for the code at hand I have also removed the Data Types section in prior versions.

Contracts can be overwhelming at first sight. Take your time and consult the section on Contracts [The Racket Guide] and go to the Contracts [The Racket Reference] for further details.

As for provide see Exports: provide [The Racket Guide] and Importing and Exporting [The Racket Reference]

As an aside, a new require has been added in order to use the contract sequence/c provided by racket/sequence in the definition of isbn-checksumf.

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; isbn-racket.v4.rkt
; - provide
; - contracts: contract-out, define/contract, ...
; - racket/contract
; - racket/sequence
; ----------------------------------------------------------

#lang racket/base

(require racket/contract)

; ----------------------------------------------------------

  ; extracts all isbns from the given input
  [isbn-find/list (-> string? (listof isbn?))]
  ; extracts the first isbn (of given format) from given input, if any
  ; default format: 'isbn-13
  [isbn-find      (-> string? isbn-format? (or/c isbn? #f))]
  ; determines whether the given value is a valid isbn
  [isbn?          predicate/c]

  ; determines whether the give value is an isbn format
  [isbn-format?   predicate/c]))

; ----------------------------------------------------------

(require (only-in racket/match
(require (only-in racket/sequence
(require (only-in racket/string

(module+ test
  (require rackunit)
  (require (only-in racket/file

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; Patterns and Regexes
; [See ISBN International User Manual 7e. Sect. 5]

; - Pattern Components
(define pat-isbn-sep "[ -]")
(define pat-isbn-id "ISBN(-1[03])?:? ")
(define pat-isbn-13-id "(?:ISBN(?:-13)?:? )?")
(define pat-isbn-10-id "(?:ISBN(?:-10)?:? )?")
(define pat-isbn-prefix "97[89][ -]")
(define pat-isbn-registration "\\d{1,5}[ -]")
(define pat-isbn-registrant "\\d{1,7}[ -]")
(define pat-isbn-publication "\\d{1,6}[ -]")
(define pat-isbn-13-check "\\d")
(define pat-isbn-10-check "[X\\d]")

; - Look ahead to ISBN groups
(define pat-isbn-13-look-ahead
  (string-append "(?=" pat-isbn-prefix pat-isbn-registration ")"))

(define pat-isbn-10-look-ahead
  (string-append "(?=" pat-isbn-registration ")")) 

; - Main patterns
(define pat-isbn-13/groups
  (string-append pat-isbn-13-id

(define pat-isbn-10/groups
  (string-append pat-isbn-10-id

(define pat-isbn-13/prefix
  (string-append pat-isbn-13-id pat-isbn-prefix "\\d{10}"))

(define pat-isbn-13-norm "\\d{13}")

(define pat-isbn-10-norm "\\d{9}[X\\d]")

(define pat-isbn-13
  (string-append pat-isbn-13-norm "|"
                 pat-isbn-13/prefix "|"

(define pat-isbn-10
  (string-append pat-isbn-10-norm "|"

(define pat-isbn
  (string-append pat-isbn-13 "|"

; - Regexes
(define re-isbn-id (regexp pat-isbn-id))
(define re-isbn-sep (regexp pat-isbn-sep))
(define re-isbn-13 (pregexp pat-isbn-13))
(define re-isbn-10 (pregexp pat-isbn-10))
(define re-isbn-13-norm (pregexp pat-isbn-13-norm))
(define re-isbn-10-norm (pregexp pat-isbn-10-norm))
(define re-isbn (pregexp pat-isbn))

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; Predicates

(module+ test
  (check-true (isbn? "9781593274917"))
  (check-true (isbn? "0262062186"))
  (check-false (isbn? #f))
  (check-true (isbn-13? "9781593274917"))
  (check-false (isbn-13? "0262062186"))
  (check-false (isbn-13? ""))
  (check-false (isbn-10? "9781593274917"))
  (check-true (isbn-10? "0262062186"))
  (check-false (isbn-10? 1))
  (check-true (isbn-string? "9781593274912"))
  (check-true (isbn-string? "026206218X"))
  (check-false (isbn-string? "97815932749122")) ;too long
  (check-false (isbn-string? "978159327491"))   ;too short
  (check-false (isbn-string? "0262062189X"))    ;too long
  (check-false (isbn-string? "026206218"))      ;too short
  (check-false (isbn-string? "0-262-06218-6"))
  (check-true (isbn-13-string? "9781593274912"))
  (check-false (isbn-13-string? "97815932749122")) ;too long
  (check-false (isbn-13-string? "978159327491"))   ;too short
  (check-false (isbn-13-string? #f))
  (check-true (isbn-10-string? "026206218X"))
  (check-false (isbn-10-string? "0262062189X")) ;too long
  (check-false (isbn-10-string? "026206218"))   ;too short
  (check-false (isbn-10-string? #f))
  (check-true (isbn-format? 'isbn-13))
  (check-true (isbn-format? 'isbn-10))
  (check-false (isbn-format? "isbn-10")))
(define (isbn? v)
  (or (isbn-13? v) (isbn-10? v)))

(define (isbn-13? v)
  (and (isbn-13-string? v) (isbn-13-valid? v)))

(define (isbn-10? v)
  (and (isbn-10-string? v) (isbn-10-valid? v)))

(define (isbn-string? v)
  (or (isbn-13-string? v) (isbn-10-string? v)))

(define (isbn-13-string? v)
  (and (string? v) (regexp-match-exact? re-isbn-13-norm v)))

(define (isbn-10-string? v)
  (and (string? v) (regexp-match-exact? re-isbn-10-norm v)))

(define (isbn-format? v)
  (or (equal? v 'isbn-13) (equal? v 'isbn-10)))

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; ISBN Validation

; ISBN-13-String -> Boolean
; is the given isbn-13 string a valid isbn-13

(module+ test
  (check-true (isbn-13-valid? "9781593274917"))
  (check-true (isbn-13-valid? "9780201896831"))
  (check-false (isbn-13-valid? "9781593274912"))
  (check-false (isbn-13-valid? "9780201896834")))

(define/contract (isbn-13-valid? isbn-str)
  (-> isbn-13-string? boolean?)
  (isbn-checksumf (in-list (isbn-string->numbers isbn-str))
                  (in-cycle '(1 3))

; ISBN-10-String -> Boolean
; is the given isbn-10 string a valid isbn-10

(module+ test
  (check-true (isbn-10-valid? "0262062186"))
  (check-true (isbn-10-valid? "026256114X"))
  (check-false (isbn-10-valid? "026206218X"))
  (check-false (isbn-10-valid? "0262561141")))

(define/contract (isbn-10-valid? isbn-str)
  (-> isbn-10-string? boolean?)
  (isbn-checksumf (in-list (isbn-string->numbers isbn-str))
                  (in-range 10 0 -1)

; [Sequence-of N] [Sequence-of N] N -> Boolean
; abstract checksum algorithm for isbn validation

(module+ test
  (check-true (isbn-checksumf '(9 7 8 1 5 9 3 2 7 4 9 1 7)
                              '(1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1)
  (check-false (isbn-checksumf '(0 2 6 2 0 6 2 1 8 10)
                               (in-range 10 0 -1)

(define/contract (isbn-checksumf multiplicands multipliers mod)
  (-> (sequence/c natural-number/c)
      (sequence/c natural-number/c)
  (define sum
    (for/sum [(x multiplicands)
              (y multipliers)]
      (* x y)))
  (zero? (modulo sum mod)))

; ISBN-String -> [List-of N]
; translates str into the numbers their isbn letters represent

(module+ test
  (check-equal? (isbn-string->numbers "026256114X")
                '(0 2 6 2 5 6 1 1 4 10)))

(define/contract (isbn-string->numbers str)
  (-> isbn-string? (listof natural-number/c))
  (for/list ([char (in-string str)])
    (match char
      [#\X 10]
      [_ (string->number (string char))])))

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; ISBN Extraction

; String -> [List-of ISBN]
; extracts all isbns from str

(module+ test
  (check-equal? (isbn-find/list "") '())
  (check-equal? (isbn-find/list "none") '())
   (isbn-find/list (file->string "test-isbn-examples"))
    ;isbn normalized
    "0262062186" "026256114X" "1593274912"
    "9781593274917" "0201896834" "9780201896831"
    ;isbn w/ several id's a sep's
    "0262062186" "026256114X" "0262062186" "0201896834"
    "9780201896831" "026256114X" "9780201896831")))

(define (isbn-find/list str)
  (for*/list ([line (in-list (string-split str "\n"))]
              [candidate (in-list (isbn-match* line))]
              [isbn-str (in-value (isbn-normalize candidate))]
              #:when (isbn? isbn-str))

; String ISBN-Format -> [Maybe ISBN]
; extracts the first isbn of given format from str, if any

(module+ test
  (check-false (isbn-find "" 'isbn-13))
  (check-false (isbn-find "" 'isbn-10))
  (check-false (isbn-find "0262062186" 'isbn-13))
  (check-false (isbn-find "9781593274917" 'isbn-10))
  (check-equal? (isbn-find (file->string "test-isbn-examples")
  (check-equal? (isbn-find (file->string "test-isbn-examples")

(define (isbn-find str format)
  (define p?
    (match format
      ['isbn-13 isbn-13?]
      ['isbn-10 isbn-10?]))
  (for*/or ([line (in-list (string-split str "\n"))]
            [candidate (in-list (isbn-match* line))]
            [isbn-str (in-value (isbn-normalize candidate))]
            #:when (p? isbn-str))

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; Helpers

; String -> [List-of String]
; matches substrings in the given string looking like isbn tags

(module+ test
  (check-equal? (isbn-match* "") '())
  (check-equal? (isbn-match* "abc\nd") '())
   (isbn-match* (file->string "test-isbn-examples"))
    ;isbn normalized (all matched)
    "0262062186" "026256114X" "1593274912"
    "9781593274917" "0201896834" "9780201896831"
    ;isbn w/ several id's and sep's (all matched)
    "ISBN 0-262-06218-6"
    "ISBN: 0 262 56114 X"
    "ISBN-10 0 262 06218-6"
    "ISBN-10: 0-201-89683-4"
    "ISBN-13: 978-0-201-89683-1"
    "ISBN-10: 0 262 56114 X"
    "ISBN-13: 978-0201896831"
    ;not isbn strings (usually impossible in real-world)
    "026206218X" "0262561141" "9780201896834" ;partially matched
    ;isbn strings, but isbn invalid (all matched)
    "026206218X" "0262561141" "1593274913"
    "9781593274912" "0201896833" "9780201896834")))

(define/contract (isbn-match* str)
  (-> string? (listof string?))
  (regexp-match* re-isbn (string-normalize-spaces str)))

; String -> String
; removes the isbn-id and, then, the isbn separators from str

(module+ test
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "123-45 67") "1234567")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN: 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN-10 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN-10: 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN-13 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN-13: 123") "123")
  (check-equal? (isbn-normalize "ISBN-14: hi") "ISBN14:hi"))

(define/contract (isbn-normalize str)
  (-> string? string?)
   (string-replace str re-isbn-id "") re-isbn-sep ""))

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